Posted by: yonason12 | October 3, 2012

“Avinu Malkeinu Ein Lanu Melech Elah Attah”

Over Rosh HaShannah I was thinking about this Avinu Malkeinu.  Maybe not such a big chiddush but whats the “Hava Mina” of another King C”V.  Our sitting President ?

It struck me as pretty obvious.  If we are the subjects of Compulsive eating or any other person, place or thing that causes is to act against the Ratzon of our True King; then in a certain bechina the Dominion of the Ribbono Shel Olam in our world has limitations.

As the Nesivos Shalom explains “Miloch al Kol Haolam b’kvodecha” in the Rosh Hashannah davening is a remez to the Olam Kattan or miniature world that is a Man in this world.  If there is any interference to the dispatcher calling over the radio our next stop then we definitely have some work to do. (See the earlier post on Nevuah and the Taxi Dispatcher)

Being that a person is usually “Nogea b’davar” or biased a good place to start considering about the Malchus of H’ working in all areas of our life is to think about the most obvious or recent advice given to us by the following people; or any other authority figure in our life:

1. Rav

2. Spouse

3. Doctor

Have we followed through on what they suggested we do…?  This is very likely the advice being given to us by the Ribbono Shel Olam through these Shluchim.  “Ein Lanu Melech ela Atah.” 🙂


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